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Sent by: Ελένη Ντινόπαπα


Καλημέρα σας,
Eίμαι πολιτικός μηχανικός 29 ετών και εργάζομαι ως ελεύθερος επαγγελματίας εδώ και 4 χρόνια διατηρώντας δικό μου γραφείο.
Σκέφτομαι όμως την εργασία στο Dubai καθώς γνωστοί μου μου έχουν πει ότι οι μισθοί είναι ικανοποιητικοί και το κόστος ζωής όχι σχετικά ψηλό.
Θα ήθελα να ρωτήσω αν ισχύει αυτό καθώς και αν με ένα μέσο επίπεδο γνώσης της Αγγλικής γλώσσας θα μπορέσω να ανταπεξέλθω στις υποχρεώσεις μου τουλάχιστον το πρώτο διάστημα.
Ευχαριστώ εκ των προτέρων



Dear Eleni,
I have just received your note and will try to respond as well as I can.
English is extremely important in Dubai, especially if you do not speak Arabic (which I believe to be the case).  Even if you work for yourself or for a Greek owned/managed company, you will require English for communicating for all work related activities, as well as getting around the city, etc. 
In addition, working in Construction environments means you would definitely be managing sites with some poorly educated people, so must be able to manage with the little English they speak.
Salaries can be good depending on where you find work, or they can be very low as some companies get cheaper employees (yes, even Civil Engineers) from the Indian Subcontinent and South-East Asia.  Women Civil Engineers are rare, because the hours are very long, the work is extremely demanding and site visits in the heat of the summer can be very difficult (sites often work 24 hours a day 6 days a week - sometimes even 7).   There is also very distinct salary discrimination against women.  In other aspects, women are treated very well and with respect.
Setting up your own company can be difficult and risky as it will take a very long time to be accepted in the country and, to the best of my knowledge, all companies prefer to hire their own Civil Engineers.
My recommendation would be to approach major Construction companies who are headquartered in Greece or in Cyprus, who are actually in major need of good Civil Engineers to work in Dubai and the region in general.  If you can get a job in this way, you have better chances of getting a good package, working with a good company and settling in much faster than you would otherwise.  If you do this, then they may support you in improving your English language skills or you can take evening classes to help you.
I hope this has answered your questions.  Please let me know if you have any further questions.
Best regards,
"Emirates Greeks"



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