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:. Living expenses for a family of four in Dubai

Sent by: Nikos


I wonder if you can help me to get an idea of what sort of offer I should ask from my company if they want to transfer me to our branch in Dubai.

Need to have an idea for the total cost of two adults with two kids attending grammar schools.

What is a good living level to cover all sort of expenses there for the four of us?

Thank you!




In order to consider what a good salary is, you need to check the current rate of the expenses.

For example a 3 bedroom apartment in Dubai Marina rents at AED 140.000 yearly, school tuition for elementary level students cost about AED 30.000 per child in a Western curriculum school. A new four wheel drive costs at least AED 100.000.

Food, water and electricity expenses could range between 5.000 - 7.000 monthly for a family of four.

There are other expenses such as car parking, health, travel, etc.

Generally speaking if you have a salary of AED 25.000 monthly without allowances, then you can have a good living without saving much money. If you receive allowances and / or your wife works, then you can save more.

Note that some expenses are paid in advance, such as the house rent, which is paid at least 4 months in advance and sometimes more (for a better bargain).

H. Kalsahakian

22 August 2009

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