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:. Greek dancing classes or group

Sent by: Tina Vrettos


Hi, does anyone know if Greek dancing lessons are available for adults in Dubai - or if a Greek dancing group exists?

Many thanks



If you have an answer, please send to (Subject: Greek dance group).

We received the following messages:

1) Hi, I am a long-standing member and performer of Lyra Greek Dancers of London. I was teaching a bit back in London and was thinking of starting here again in Dubai.

If you are someone that would be interested in joining in Greek dance lessons, please can you email me so I can gage the appetite.

Also if you have experience of dancing or teaching, I'd love to hear from you.

Finally, if you have a potential venue in mind (low cost/free!) then that would be very useful.

Natasha Upal (Email)

01 January 2010

2) I moved to Abu Dhabi in mid-November 2009 and I was also wondering if there is a dancing group here.

I used to dance in Greece for many years (Momogeroi, Xoreutikos Omilos Foititon Polytexneiou Athinas, Xoreutikos Omilos Zografou).

I was also teaching and performing in the Gaida group in Copenhagen, Denmark where I have spent two years of my life.

It would be really great to have a group here.

Spyridon Konstantis (Email)

11 January 2010

Progress update

Natasha spoke with Father Varnava at the church regarding a hall for the lessons. He was very supportive and invited her to see the hall once the church is ready in mid-February.

Natasha thinks she might start traditional Greek dance lessons there (hopefully in March 2010).

She will cover dances from all over Greece and Cyprus, mens and women's and depending on demand may run a children's class also.

Please keep in touch with her if you are interested in taking part.

Natasha gladly welcomes any volunteers who want to help in any capacity e.g. with dances / music / teaching assistance / admin / website design and advertising / sewing costumes, etc.

Her number is 055 323 0779 or you can email her directly.

30 January 2010



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