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:. Acquiring citizenship (for persons of Greek origin)

Sent by: Albier George


I am a Greek Egyptian, born in Egypt. Since 4 years I have been living in UAE. I am trying to get greek citizenship through the Embassy in Abu Dhabi, as my father has the same.

I would like to be active in the community. This will help me know more about Greece and Greek history and culture as part of my identity. How can I be involved in the community activities in Abu Dhabi?

Albier George (Email)



Since there are more Greeks in Dubai than Abu Dhabi, it is relatively easier to be active in the Community there. For example we have regular monthly meetings in Dubai and there are some additional events too.
Every year the Embassy in Abu Dhabi organizes national day reception for foreign diplomats, Greek community and all those who have relationship with Greece.

Greek cultural events, culinary nights, other traditional events related to Easter, Christmas etc. are also occasionally organized in the capital Abu Dhabi. Greek language lessons are taught to children, in coordination with the Greek Ministry of Education's regional office in Cairo.  

To be active in a community means to develop a strong sense of involvement, recognize public responsibility and dedicate time, energy etc. Most of all, it means unconditional love and feeling of belonging to the place and civilization (past and contemporary), even if you face difficulties in the course.

For legal procedures please get the advice of a lawyer in Greece (who will be able to legally follow up with your papers once they reach to the Citizenship Section in the Ministry of Intreior in Athens).

Hrach Kalsahakian

17 February 2010

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