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:. Attestation of British University degree from UAE Embassy in Athens

Sent by: Sotiris Romanos


We are moving to Dubai for work in the private sector, and my employer has requested my university transcript attested by the UAE embassy in Athens.

The issue is that my degree is obtained from a British University. When asking the UAE embassy what is needed for the attestation, they replied categorically that they can attest only a Greek degree, which is officially translated in English & stamped from the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

However they claimed that they can not do the attestation for an official & stamped by the British Council (that is authorized to attest British University degrees in Greece) copy of a British degree. They also refused to attest the official copy even if they are presented with the original university document at the same time (!). Instead they claimed that the document should be attested by some official authority in Britain, without even specifying which (!). Could you please let me know if there is any feasible way to get my foreign degree attested by the UAE embassy in Athens?



The same British degree would be accepted by your employer in the UAE, if it is attested by a British authority (such as the British Embassy in Athens).

After the above step, you would be able to attest the document from the British Embassy in Abu Dhabi, then by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Attestation office.

If an Arabic translation is needed you can do it through an officially recognized translator by the Ministry of Justice in UAE.

A British educational document attested by the British authorities in Athens and Abu Dhabi and by the UAE Foreign Ministry office, would normally be enough for official purposes in UAE.

Ask the advice of your future employer about the above, before doing it. 

The above is a friendly advice and does not constitute legal consultation.

13 March 2010



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