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:. Dental profession in Dubai

Sent by: Παχής Ανδρέας


Καλημέρα σας. Έιμαστε δύο Χειρούργοι Οδοντίατροι απ'την Ελλάδα που ενδιαφερόμαστε για εργασία στο DUBAI.

Αυτή τη χρονική στιγμή εργαζόμαστε σε νοσοκομείο της Αθήνας με το βαθμο του επιμελητή Β" και από τον Αύγουστο είμαστε ελεύθεροι.

Έχουμε εργασιακή εμπειρία 5 χρόνια στο ιδιωτικό και δημόσιο τομέα.

Ενδιαφερόμαστε για εργασία στόν ιδιωτικό ή δημόσιο τομέα και χρειαζόμαστε την βοήθειας σας στην αναζήτηση πληροφοριών και προτάσεων εργασίας.

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Ανδρέας Παχής

Ελευθέριος Κουρουμπλής



Dear Andreas,

Thank you for your email.  Unfortunately, I do not have at my disposal a list of dental clinics in Dubai, but you should be able to access that through the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry ( or the Yellow Pages of Dubai (

There are a very large number of dental clinics in the country, the vast majority are private.  These are listed in the various business and phone directories.

The best way to obtain employment is to contact them directly, as many of them are small to medium and usually hire people they know personally or through contacts.  They do not advertise for staff generally.  If you do find some that are of interest, I would be happy to provide further information in terms of their reputation and standards, as per my own knowledge or through references from other community members.

One thing that you must bear in mind is that anyone who wishes to practice any type of profession related to Health Services, must obtain a Ministry of Health approval.  This involves an examination which is conducted in English.  Further details can be found on the Ministry website (the exact website is These documents must be in English (either original or notarised translations). 

Normally, after signing a contract with a clinic, the clinic will help you to obtain the certification.  It may be useful to go to Dubai and attend interviews/meetings with the clinic managers/owners but please bear in mind that even a short stay in Dubai can be quite expensive.

I hope the above has been useful.  Please let me know if you require any further information.

Best regards,



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