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:. Emirates Airlines related job application procedures

Sent by: Maro Hadjinicola


Dear Eugenia Papadopoulou,

lam writing this message regarding a problem that l face and l don't know about what to do.

l whould like to go to Dubai in order to work for Emirates Airlines for the position of cabin crew.

l have already done an application for the open day in Cyprus but they send me an invitation to another country and l dont know why?

I have already realized the demands of this job and l know that it has many difficulties, but l really want to become an air-hostess.

l am thinking to make an application for an open day in Dubai but l am afraid to go since l don't know anybody there.

l need your help in order to accomplice my dream.

Please, give me an answer to my problem.

l will be pleased to make an appointment to see you personaly whenever this will be convenient for you.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,




Dear Maro,

Thank you for your email. 

I can understand your concerns about the invitation you received to go to another country, although, knowing how many companies recruit, I am not surprised by their request.  The reason is that as companies may receive only a few applications from each country, it is not cost effective for them to send their Interviewers to each country.  Thus, they organise for all candidates to gather in a central location and send an Interviewer who will do all interviews in one lot over a few days as required.  The company normally arranges and pays for all the expenses.  Companies such as Emirates are quite trustworthy and as long as you are certain that it is organised directly by them, there is no reason for concern.

As for traveling to Dubai for the Open Day, there is no need for concern at all.  Dubai is a very safe place.  There is a large Greek and Cypriot community.  We will add you to the Emirates Greeks mailing list so you can see what is happening with the community, and when you know that you are traveling, you can send a message to the Emirates Greeks yahoo group so that you can get in touch with others there.  There are many members of the community who are very supportive and helpful to newcomers.

I would be happy to meet you in person to help you further.  I now live in Cyprus so feel free to call me on 99 374979.

Best regards,



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