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Sent by: Stella Mandehou


Dear Eugenia,
I found your email at  and I read the advice you gave to someone on the posted items on the site. I am Greek and looking to relocate to Dubai around the end of summer. I have already started looking for a job and my partner is already there working for firm.
Just to give you a brief, after successfully completing my BA in Management & Business Administration I moved to the UK. For the last 4 years I had been leaving and working in the UK where I studied for an MSc in International Hotel Management (University of Surrey).  Upon completion of my MSc I worked as a Trainee Manager in a 4 star hotel and then moved into the Academia, providing research and administrative support to academics and students in Thames Valley University and London School of Economics. Unfortunately I had to leave an amazing job/career at LSE due to family reasons and move back to Athens where I joined a Business School as a Career & Placement Manager.
I am now looking to relocate to Dubai and take the next step in my career in any of the following areas: Academia/Education, Hospitality Consulting/Research, HR/Training and Development (but not as a Recruitment Consultant). Of course I would consider any other position that would suit my qualifications and experience. 
I was wondering if you could help me finding a job in Dubai or if you could give some advice. Your help will be greatly appreciated.
I would love to hear back from you.
Kindest regards,

07 May 2008



Dear Stella,

I have had a look through your CV and your email.  To answer your question :

a) Academia / Education - I would approach all the Universities in Dubai and also Sharjah, possibly also High Schools and Colleges, if I were you, as your skills, particularly in counselling could be very useful to them.  For these, you would have to approach directly as they rarely use agencies or the like.  They do sometimes advertise, but don't wait for that - call them up directly and apply.

Another place to look is to call up international Colleges or affiliate organisations in Knowledge Village.  I would advise you to steer more towards those who have links with 'Western' organisations, including Australia and New Zealand, as they tend to have more generous budgets.

b) Hospitality Consulting/Research - that would be more difficult to get into and is likely to be in a more junior role - unless you are lucky to find a progressive manager who is willing to see beyond your CV.  The problem often is that people look at the last role you've had and do not notice the rest.  If you post a note of interest on the emiratesgreeks yahoo group, there are a couple of members who work in this industry who could potentially help.

c) HR/Training and Development - tough and strange market this.  If you are not officially a qualified trainer, they take a long time to soften up to you!  Nevertheless, there are many jobs in this area and much easier to find than the rest.  For such roles, get your CV up onto the main job sites:
also look at some networking sites which are very actively used by recruiters in the UAE :

The other advice I give for those looking for such roles is to contact Consultancies and Training Providers - most of whom are based in Knowledge Village too.  Going for small companies means that you are likely to be taken on more as a 'partner' than just an employee - with more responsibilities and freedom.

All the above sites are used extensively by headhunters so could apply to any role really.

A piece of advice about your CV - seminars attended are not of particular interest as people go to many but do not necessarily add value.  Do remove your date of birth also - helps avoid people pre-judging based on age (discrimination is very wide-spread!).

Hope this helps.  Do let me know if I can be of further assistance.

Best regards,

10 May 2008



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