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Sent by: Giuseppe Evangelista


I would like to know some things about working in UAE. Of course I have heard and also read several advices and life reports in UAE and most of the outstanding issues have been solved. However my problem is that I am looking forward to go and live in Dubai perhaps or even in Abu Dhabi, depending on the job.

I didn't really understand if there is a Greek school (or maybe I didn't read it well) or just some teachers that give greek lessons... I have an eleven year old daughter and a six year old son and as you understand they are gonna pay the consequences of a life change like this. Therefore, it is very important for me and especially for them to get involved in a great manner to skip ambient problems.

The other thing is that I want to leave from Greece and get involved in a larger scale projects because I have had enough of almost sixteen years of Greek experience in bureaucracy, as well as in construction with lots of problems about what concerns timetable, deadlines etc. But the most important is that I have many years of experience and of course I am not leaving Greece for a very poor or anyway low budget of salary.

I would appreciate answers to my questions or even links to sites that can give me further informations.

Thanks in advance

Giuseppe Evangelista

Architect Engineer Naval Designer



Dear Giuseppe,

Thank you for your email.

a) Greek School - in case we were not clear in the previous posting titled Greek School in UAE, please note the details as follows:

There is no full-time school in the Greek language - children must go to a regular school (English generally, but there are others such as French, German, etc..). There are teachers provided by the Greek government who provide classes after normal school hours for children of all ages and levels.
Parents have to make arrangements to meet the teacher, have the child's level assessed (if required) and schedule the child to join an existing class, order books and other materials, etc..  Transportation to and from the classes is the responsibility of the parents. You would need to contact the persons listed in the separate posting for more information on exactly how all that works.

Extra info about the Greek lessons (including the Certificate for the "Attainment of the Greek Language", is available here.  

b) Work in the Construction Industry:

For advice on finding a job I would ask you to read through the last posting I have just made titled Opportunities for Engineers, Tax and Salary info as well as a previous posting labelled Γενικές Πληροφορίες.  In both, I have responded to questions which are more relevant to Engineers, but which also apply to Architects to some degree.  Useful links for jobs, besides those I have mentioned, are also international Architecture and Construction related magazines and journals - of which I know there are many.

c) Naval:

You have mentioned that you are also a Naval Designer.  This industry may actually offer you greater opportunities as there may be work with some of the many Boat/Yacht Suppliers, Manufacturers and Maintenance companies (which often get involved even in design and refurbishment of yachts).  You may want to approach companies working there, directly.

An additional note, as you brought up the subject of bureaucracy, deadlines and timetables.  Things are indeed different in the Middle East but these problems do exist - just in different forms - especially in this industry.  Bureaucracy and paperwork is long and tedious, deadlines are more than tight (everything needs to be delivered yesterday - is a standard policy!) and timetables are made to be broken by everyone but yourself.  Projects work at breakneck speeds, budgets are more than tight and the authorities play great attention to almost every step of the process.  Yet, this does not mean that professionalism is necessarily high.  Therefore, please bear in mind that although things are different and you are likely to have an opportunity to work on much more exciting projects, you will be working very very long hours and the stress levels are extreme! 

I hope this helps.  Do let me know if I can be of further assistance.

Best regards,



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