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:. Working in banks and financial organizations

Sent by: Dimitrios G.


Intersted in career prospects in Dubai. I looked into the career sites including monster and bayt etc

My first question would be how to approach a more specialized consultant (ie banking/asset mgt/fin consulting) and work together, like in matching me to a position he/she is working on. How could I get in touch with them?

My second question: I hold an MBA degree from Pace University (New York) and have work experience with Bear Stearns Asset Mgt and UBS wealth management as an internal management consultant (sales development, business strategy etc). Are there similar functions (strategy teams) withing banks in Dubai?

Thanks much,




Dear Dimitri,

Thank you for writing to us.  I have responded in general terms to the question of how to find a job and other employment related questions and would refer you to the articles in the Advice section including "Γενικές Πληροφορίες", Enquiry about Jobs in the Emirates, etc.

To address your field directly my advice to you would be:

Dubai International Financial Centre:

Research the companies there - whichever appear of interest - apply directly, even if no job vacancies appear on their sites, etc.

Find out which international Financial organisations have business offices in Dubai and see if they have opportunities available.

Many of these organisations take online applications very seriously.  The negative image of online ad hoc applications is now gone and most companies are making a huge effort to utilise online recruitment much more.

In addition, many headhunters and recruiters use international networking sites such as:, for recruitment. I recommend to ANY business professional (ie. Sales, Finance, Marketing, HR, IT) to register and become as active as possible.  Each one offers different means to connect to others in the profession, to recruitment related sites in their field, to be visible through asking and answering questions in forums, etc.

I hope that this has been helpful to you.  For the benefit of other visitors to the site, we will post a copy of this conversation, withholding the name.

Let me know how things develop and if I can be of further service.

Best regards,

Eugenia Papadopoulos
HR Consultant & Managing Editor of



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