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Sent by: Panos


Dear friends,

I had a proposal from my company to come and work in Dubai for 3 years with an expatriot contract.

What I would like to ask you, which is important, is the following. My income in Dubai do I have to declare it in Greece and get taxed for it or not?

Best wishes to everybody from Greece



Dear Pano,

I'm afraid that your question is a little out of our league.  To the best of my knowledge, the Greek authorities require you to declare your income in Greece.  I believe that if you reside and work away from Greece for two or more years, only then are you exempt from taxes.  Nevertheless, the fact that you work for a Greek company would complicate matters further.

My best advice would be to get legal advice in Greece from a tax lawyer and/or the Income Tax and Social Securities authorities there.  I would not be comfortable getting the view of third parties - ie. other Greeks who work in the UAE - in case they are also not fully informed.  You could also contact the Greek Embassy in Abu Dhabi for information.

Because this is a legal issue, I would prefer that you ask the proper authorities.  I wouldn't want to risk giving you incorrect information.

If you do obtain official information, please do share it with us so that we can post it on the website for others as well.

Best regards,

17 July 2008



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