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:. Working in Dubai as a lawyer

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Dear Eugenia,

I would like to know about the work in Dubai...

I have a Bachelor of Law degree. I speak 4 languges (Greek, Italian, English and Arabic)...

I worked guide in a tourist company for almost two years

With my best regards





I'm afraid it is difficult to answer your question based on the little information you have given me.

The Bachelor degree was gained where and is it enough to practice law or only sufficient to work as a legal assistant, etc?

To work as a tourist guide is very poorly paid work generally and you would find it difficult to manage with the salary and the high cost of living in Dubai. 

Your best chance would be to use the Law studies but again, if your skills are not enough to get you to a higher level position, you may find it difficult.  Knowing Arabic helps, especially if you can write it well. 

As I have mentioned to others seeking advice, life in Dubai can be expensive and unless you can get a good mid-level professional position or higher, it will be difficult to survive.

I cannot give you more advice based on the information you have given me.

Best regards,


20 July 2008



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