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:. Job opportunity for Greek Professor in Dubai

Sent by: D.T.


Dear friends,


I was offered a position in Dubai by my manager. My husband is a professor of Greek history, literature, and psychology in one of the biggest colleges in Greece. He is also teaching Greek language to foreigners for the last 8 years.

He is interested in expatriating to Dubai, but, is there any possibility he will get a job there? Do you know where he can look ?

Thank you very much for your feedback.





Dear D.T.,

Thank you for your email.I will try to give you my honest opinion, based on my extensive experience in Dubai and the UAE.

You said that your husband's background is entirely in Greek language teaching and education related to it. My answer will have to depend on how good is his grasp of the English language.

If he is fluent enough to be able to teach Psychology or World Literature, then he may have an opportunity to gain employment at one of the Universities in Dubai.The best way to approach them is directly. All of them have websites. There are also some branches of international universities whom you can find by researching Knowledge Village in Dubai where many have their campuses/offices. I have already given some advice to another individual interested in working in Education on

If his English is poor to average, then his possibilities may be limited to:
a) Finding work at the Greek Embassy in Abu Dhabi or the Commercial Office in Dubai
b) Taking up a post as teacher of Greek (assigned by the Ministry in Greece) - there are already 2 assigned to the UAE - it may be that they want more.
c) Working at a Greek or Cypriot Company in Administration or Management (if he is willing to change fields)

He may also be able to find work with one of the Language Schools, if he can convince them that there is a need for Greek (and there is really a need among the Greek Community as most are overseas Greeks and their Greek is not as good as they would like) but that is usually part-time work in the evenings only.

Finally, if you can sponsor him (this depends on your profession - Educators and Medical staff - including nursing - are allowed to sponsor a husband), another alternative would be for him to give private classes to the Greek Community and other adults interested in learning the language. I cannot say how much of an income there would be from that, though.

As mentioned above, this is my own opinion and personal recommendation, based on the little information you have provided. If I can be of further service, please do get in touch with me.

Best regards,


28 July 2008



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