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:. Is it easier to find a job while you're in Dubai, than it would be looking over the internet?

Sent by: JP


Hi Eugenia,


My name is JP. I'm a Greek national, born in Athens, raised in Glyfada. In 1996 I left Greece and came to Australia to study.


I now work for Toyota Motor Corporation as a business analyst.


I am relocating to Dubai end of September, my wife has secured a role with a legal firm.  I was just wondering, is it easier to find a job while you're in Dubai, than it would be looking over the internet?






Dear JP,


Thank you for your email.  I do hope you and your wife will have a great time in Dubai.  You should definitely get in touch with the Emirates Greeks group to join their networking events.


You asked if it is easier to find work in Dubai when you are there.  That's a very difficult question to ask as finding work in Dubai is equally about luck as it is about you (ie. qualifications, experience, skills, etc.).


In some cases, it is easier to find a good job, especially a good package, if you are recruited from abroad.  Although the expat package is now diminishing and employers generally just pay standard allowances, leaving employees to manage their own accommodation and transport, pay packets can differ.  It is true that on average, you would get a better deal if you are recruited from abroad.  Yet, this is not necessarily always the case and cannot be taken as a rule.  There are cases where excellent deals have been done by people going to Dubai and looking around.


Finding a job in any country/city can take time.   The same applies in Dubai.  You may get lucky and find something immediately.  Or, it may take time to find the job you really would like to do.


So, my recommendation, particularly in your field of work is to start looking from now, and see how things go.  If you have some options available to you by September, then go there, get to know the place, see the opportunities and decide.  If you don't, you will have a better understanding of what is going on and thus be well on the way to finding something good for you.


How to do it.  The same advice I've given to others and which you can find in the Advice column of should apply.


If you would like more info, please feel free to get in touch with me again.


Thanks and best regards,




24 July 2008



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