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:. Contract in Euro or Dirhams?

Sent by: Panos


Dear Eugenia,

I would like to ask you what is better to claim for my contract. Should it be in euro or in dirhams?
If it is in dirhams every time that the exchange rate changes, then I might lose money (euro) because I want my money in euro.
How stable currency is the dirham?
Best regards




Dear Pano,

Getting a contract is Euro is very difficult and rare.  If you can get it - it would be much better for you.

The Dirham is perfectly stable because it is fixed to the US Dollar.  The problem is that the US Dollar is not stable!  So, the value of the Dirham for us Europeans is a problem.  For Americans - it's great!

In either case, the salary is usually paid locally, so your salary may end up being converted before being paid to you and you then have to convert it back.  Banks do offer foreign currency accounts but these have more limitations to them.  You can talk to some of the bigger banks about these things.  I personally always bank with HSBC but there are many others who are equally trustworthy.

Hope this helps.

Best regards,

HR Consultant & Managing Editor of

01 August 2008



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