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:. Taxation in Greece for dubai-bought car

Sent by: Yorgos


I understand that if I take my dubai-bought car back to Greece I will pay heavy duties. Is there any way to avoid or lower them? Under what conditions would it be worthwhile to take my car back to Greece?



Taxation in Greece for dubai-bought car

The view mentioned here is a compilation of what members provided us. We do not accept any responsibility regarding the accuracy of the info. For legal consulation you must seek the advice of the professionals. 

In case you bring the car with metoikesia and the car is of the latest anti-polution technology (Euro 4), you do not pay neither taxes nor VAT.

If you bring it without metoikesia you have to pay lots of taxes, depending on the manufacturing date of the car.

If the car is 4X4 you need to have certificate of conformity with European specifications from the manufactoring company.

The cost of container (to transfer the car) could be around 5.000 Euros.

The most important aspect is that the car will go for KTEO control and must have emissions according to European standards. Some cars have only GCC standards. That might be a problem with KTEO.

20 September 2008



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