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:. Taxation for Greek citizens living abroad

Sent by: Yiannis S


Currently, I have a Greek passport but I am a UK resident. I have been offered a job attached to a good financial package in Dubai by a UK registered organization. The contract can be of 18 or 24 months. For this period, I will be UAE resident.

At the end of the contract, I would like to transfer all my UAE produced savings back to Greece. Do you have any information in the tax regime in Greece for such situations?

Yiannis S



We do not accept any responsibility regarding the information mentioned here. For legal consulation you must seek the advice of the professionals. 

Greek citizens, who live abroad and have no income created in Greece, such as rents from a house or other properties are not obliged to pay any tax at all.

If you transfer your savings in Greece and deposit it in a bank, again you do not have tax obligations.

If you buy a house or a car, you will be obliged to pay the relevant house tax or annual car tax depending of the cc of the car etc.

If you start working in Greece and earn a certain salary or has a rent income, then you will be subject to taxation.

For more information please contact lawyer here.

20 September 2008



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