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:. Can the Greek community help finding job?

Sent by: Fani


I am interested to know if there is any kind of financial assistance or help for someone who is planning to come and work in Dubai, especially in taking the first steps in completely new environment.

Is there any sort of supportive networking? Is it easy to find a job or to start up a business. 






Thank you for your email.  I would be happy to help with whatever advice would be of use:

a) There is an active Greek community but mainly for socialising and networking than anything else.  There is no financial fund or committee which could potentially help you until you can find work and settle down. website is the main source of information on community activities. Please inform us if you would like to be listed on the mailing list, to receive information about events and other news.

b) On the subject of finding work or potentially setting up on your own, this is a much tougher subject.  The good news is that there is work and you could find a good job.  The difficulty is that it takes time - sometimes lots of time - and can be expensive.  I have already provided advice on this subject in the advice column in so would ask you to read through it first to get a better understanding of the circumstances there.  Whatever further information you then need, I can fill you in on - just email me again.

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