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:. Project management roles for NGOs in Dubai

Sent by: Eleni


Dear Eugenia,
I have spent two years in the Middle East working as a project manager for NGO's (non-governmental organisations). I want to relocate to Dubai, but I have to secure a new job first.
Is there any possibility I can get a job, if not in the same field, in a domain where my qualifications and experience fit in?
I am regularly reading the announcements/advice section of the Emirates Greek website and consulting the pages but could not find something relevant to my background
Your suggestions and ideas would be very much appreciated




Dear Eleni,

Thank you for your email.  I guess that apart from the usual advice you may have seen on the website, I would also add the following searches for you:

a) Check out any large NGOs (eg. UNICEF, Red Crescent Society, Medecins sans Frontiers, etc.) who have offices in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.  With such agencies, it is best to approach directly.

b) There are some smaller local NGOs which are primarily charity institutions and include schools for the handicapped, shelters for battered wives, expatriate support groups (eg.,etc.  Again these are best approached directly and preferably on the ground, as they don't have the administrative structure to handle recruitment from abroad.

Naturally, both categories above don't pay huge amounts, especially the latter.  Thus, you must also consider whether working in such fields is going to generate the income needed to make ends meet.  Life in Dubai is a great deal more expensive than Jordan and most other Middle East countries.

You may want to look into other similar fields where your skills could be of use.  If you need further advice on this possibility, let me know.

Thank you and best regards,


22 September 2008




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