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:. Short term contract employment

Sent by: Tina Vrettos


Hi, I have a friend who works as a Tourist Representative/ Manager in the summer in Greece . She would like to try and find a job for about 4 months over this coming winter in Dubai.

She would be looking for a position in the Hospitality industry or childcare position. I realise that there is a lot of competition from people who may be working full time in these types of positions.

Would you be  able to give me any advice on how she can go about looking for a job here. Please also advise of there are any particular industries that are more likely to offer temp jobs than others.

Many thanks
Tina Vrettos



Dear Tina,

Thank you for your email below.  I have tried to answer to the best of my knowledge below:

a) To work legally, anyone must have a valid residence permit.  This can either be obtained by the employer or by the husband in case of a woman (for a woman to sponsor a husband is very difficult).  To obtain such a visa requires paperwork and lots of up-front costs as well as time for the employer.  Thus, no employer would make such an arrangement unless it will have sufficient value.  A residence permit is valid for 3 years, so the employer would get maximum benefit from an employment period of at least 2 years.

b) To work on a visit visa is possible but not legal. 

c) The usual places where such short-term work is found is in promotions, modelling, support staff during sales at shops, etc.  Finding such work can only be done when the individual is in the country and searches around, talks to agencies, etc.  Of course, it can be risky if the Immigration Dept. should find out about it.  There are naturally cases where some family / school / other may need help for a month or so while the nanny or a teaching assistant, etc, is on leave, but pay is also very low in such cases, and finding such work is purely word of mouth.

I hope the above helps.

Best regards,


23 September 2008



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