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:. Work for people close to retirement age

Sent by: Spyros C.


I am 59 years old and I am looking for a job in Dubai.

I speak 5 languages : Greek, English, Italian, French, Arabic.

I was born in Egypt and I spent 8 years of my working carreer in Saudi Arabia as General Manager of a Shipping Company.

So far I am still on the same field but due to my previous experience from the Arab countries I would like to find a job in Dubai.

How can I get in contact with some companies in Dubai and arrange for an interview?

Spyros C.



In general terms, your experience and language skills would make it very easy to find work in the Emirates.

Therefore, I would give you the same advice I have given in the past to previous enquiries regarding the shipping sector:

a) research the major companies who operate in Dubai (through the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry) and apply to them directly.  There are many Greek or Cypriot owned/managed companies which may be interested.

b) Try also the Emirates of Sharjah, Ajman, Abu Dhabi and Fujairah, which have a large number of shipping companies also.

This field is not one that makes much use of recruitment agencies, etc.

Unfortunately, though, your age would be a major handicap.  It is true that age discrimination is not a nice thing and there are laws around the world to avoid it, but particularly in a country where they make it more and more difficult to obtain visas for people of 60 and over, companies often discriminate.

Thus, although your experience and qualifications will open many doors for you, the age is likely to be a problem as companies would see it as a risk - visa problems, higher medical insurance costs, etc.  I hope you can overcome it and are successful.

Best regards,
Eugenia Papadopoulos

30 November 2008



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