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:. Everyday cost of living in Al Ain

Sent by: Christos S.


Good morning everybody

My employer has started a cooperation with a company in UAE and I have been asked to relocate to Al Ain in order to manage a joint project.

I have been looking for information on everyday life and cost of living there but I cannot seem to find those details that will help me make my final decision.

You see the thing is we are still discussing the technical aspects of the project I will take over and we have not defined neither my salary or other benefits. So, I am looking to find out some things about the everyday cost of living in order to be able to figure out whether the proposal I am about to receive is beneficial.

All I know for sure at the moment is that if I accept this job, my company will provide me with a hotel room for the first year.

1. However, since I am considering permanent relocation does anyone know about the housing prices in the area? Should I go looking for an apartment downtown or in suburbs? What would be a realistic price to pay?

I am considering this as a very good career opportunity, but to decide whether it will also be lucrative, I need more information.

2. So my question is: what is the mean cost of living in Al Ain?

3. I will be living alone and I would like to know what is the mean cost of basic foods (like bread, coffee, meat, fruits) or

4. How would much would it cost me for a simple meal in a regular restaurant?

5. More than that, does anybody know the cost of internet access and phones?

6. And what about public transportation and gas cost?

7. If my wife and child decide to join me, what are my choices for my child’s education? Are there any good schools for non-Arabs?

8. And last but not least, what does a person do in his/her free time in Al Ain? Would I have to drive to Abu Dhabi or Dubai to watch a movie?

Thank you in advance for any possible information shared.

9. If anyone knows any other websites, or resources I could address for more information, the assistance will be highly appreciated.

12 October 2012



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