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:. Emirates Airlines allowances

Sent by: Manuel


Hi I am thinking to move to work in Dubai for Emirates in a senior position.

Emirates has housing allowance approx. 10,000DHS per month plus schooling allowance of approx. 20,000DHS a year.

Health and dental is covered for the entire family.
I have two kids 6 years and 1 year old and they don't speak English at all. My queries are:

1) Would schools accept my kids?

2) From the sites I've checked the cost of the schools looks quite higher than the allowance. Can I afford a good school with 20,000dhs?

3) Is Midriff a good area to stay (I am considering that are because it is close to Emirates headquarters and airport) any other suggestion. Housing allowance is approx. 10,000DHS.

I am really afraid to make the move specially to a non-European country because I am loosing my pension benefits for moving to a non-EU country.

Would appreciate your advise.



Normally schools (from 1st grade onwards) need prior registration usually from March - April or the preceding year. Nurseries can accept easily without much complications.

20 thousand dirhams is average school expense, but at the age of your children with this money you can find good schools.

Mirdiff is good and popular neighborhood. There are other places closer to Emirates Headquarters. In any case traffic is not congested in that part of the city. HK/- 



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