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:. Greek social network in Abu Dhabi

Sent by: Maria


Hello! I am an engineer from Greece and I will be in Abu Dhabi for a few months. Could you please inform me (by posting a message on this website) if there is a greek social network in this city that I could possibly join (I don't have a car at the moment, so it is difficult for me to travel to Dubai in order to join the greek group over there).
Thank you!



Welcome to the UAE! I do hope you enjoy your stay.
To the best of my knowledge there isn't an organised group, but I believe that a lot of the Greeks in Abu Dhabi will get together every now and then.
It may be a good idea to get in touch with the Greek Embassy (always a good idea to register just in case you need help), and visit the Greek Orthodox Saint Nikolaos Church (within the Churches complex - I'm sure you can get directions from your Christian colleagues as all churches are there). The priest is not Greek, but some Greek community members do go there for mass, so you are likely to meet them there.
Finally, there is a Greek teacher offering classes, so it may be worth meeting up as many families send their children there. The Greek Embassy should be able to give you the contact number.
I would be happy to hear what you have found, so that we can share it with other Emirates Greeks community members. Unfortunately, despite living more than 2 decades in the UAE, I know little of what is happening in Abu Dhabi, having lived in Dubai and the Northern Emirates mostly.
Thanks and best wishes,
"Emirates Greeks"
4January 2008



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