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:. Notarization / Attestation of documents from Greece

Sent by: Kostas


My future employer in the UAE requires my Greek documents notarized and attested by the UAE Embassy for my job application.

I have a Transcript of Studies from a University in Greece (in Greek certified and translated in English by lawyer) and a Marriage Certificate from Greece (in Greek certified and translated in English by a Greek consulate), which my future employer requires to be attested by the UAE Embassy.

Do the documents that I have need to be notarized further by the Greek authorities in UAE or are they good to be sent to the UAE Embassy for attestation?

Your help greatly appreciated




Notarization of attestation of foreign documents by a competent UAE Embassy abroad is one of the methods used to provide employees (sponsors) with the required documents.

Up to this moment there is no UAE Embassy in Athens (although the opening day of such Embassy is not far). For the time being the UAE Embassy in Rome is covering Greece and other Balkan countries, besides Italy.

Another more easy way to handle notarization or attestation of foreign documents is through ratification in the Greek Embassy in Abu Dhabi. To do so the document should be officially stamped by the Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs back in Athens (which is possible only if it is also signed by the competent official department and relevant ministry).

If a document carries the required stamps but is not in the official language of the host country (e.g. Arabic in UAE), then a translation service may be applied. If such a document is translated into Arabic and the authenticity of the signature of the translator is confirmed by the Consulate of Greece in Abu Dhabi, then such a document can be ratified in one of the Certification Offices of the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs (in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah). The Certification Office usually considers the seal of the Greek Consulate as sufficient basis for officially acknowledging a translated document.  

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