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:. The construction of Dubai Greek Othodox Church

Sent by: Kyriakos Melas


My name is Kyriakos and I will be moving to Dubai around the end of Jan. '09.  I would like to know if and when the Greek Church will be completed (Has build started?). 

Also, can you please add me to your email list?

Kind Regards,

Kyriakos Melas



We welcome you in the community and are pleased to add you to our mailing list. 

Two years ago there was a circular about constructing a Greek Orthodox Church in Jebel Ali area in Dubai, but since then no report was circulated regarding the progress of the work.

Arab speaking Christian Orthodox individuals living in Dubai are strongly backing the project.

Unfotunately, none of the members of the construction committee has ever contacted us or informed us about the work progress.




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