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:. Average salary for Sales Manager position

Sent by: Dimitrios


I am Greek from Thessaloniki. I am working last two years in Serbia.

I have an offer for work in Dubai. I would like to know what is the average salary for sales manager position.

Thank you in advance and Merry Christmas



Salaries for the same position vary from one company to another, according to the domain of business. There are other significant factors that affect the salary, such as the origin of the person and the country where he got his qualifications or experience from. 

The word "Manager" is easily used for any sales position. In a company of four at least two carry the title of "Manager" and the other two might be "Assistant Managers". "Director of Sales" is more formidable position.

As Dubai has become extremely expensive (especially in house rent), the measure for a good salary is not in the salary  itself, rather in the add-on allowances that are offered as an integral part of the salary package.

Salaries less than 15 thousand dirhams (for sales or any other position) will hardly enable you to rent a one-bedroom in Dubai where the monthly rent for such an apartment is about 10 thousand dirhams. Let aside that sometimes half or even complete yearly payment is required in advance.

Nowadays banks in Dubai hardly give any loan to anyone earning less than 15 thousand dirhams monthly. New comers need at least six months or one year to be eligible to get loans.

Companies usually give transportation allowances but this hardly can compensate for any car purchase that you might do in your first year here. Once you buy the car (with cash payment or through installments) the value of the car falls 30% in the first year. Banks have started to ask a down payment of 10% or more for any car loan.

The country is known to be tax free but it is not without fees or expenses. Everything has a price to pay, including parking in your building or the newly introduced ID's for foreigners (just to give you two examples).

If you have a family you will need to consider at least 15 thousand dirhams school expenses for a moderate school. Add to this the transfer and other year-round expenses and you will need to earn more than origianlly you were prepared to agree.

In any case, please have a look at the other answers on the same page to form a wider view about the topic.

Hrach Kalsahakian
26 December 2008



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