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:. Requesting legal advice and/or a legal representative in Abu Dhabi for a property matter

Sent by: Stratis Telloglou


At the end of May 2008, I had sent a substantial deposit for an apartment in Abu Dhabi in the expectation of a purchase contract which I had been informed I would receive in 10 days from receipt of the funds. 

The contract which finally reached me 5 months later had terms which were unacceptable to me. 

I returned the contract unsigned to the company the very next day. 

After constant calls and pressure from myself, the company finally responded that the property developer had decided not to refund any money. 

I would now like to see what legal steps can be taken to refund my money"

Please provide your friendly advice or share me any similar experience

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Stratis Telloglou



With the credit crunch and the global financial crisis, suddently the property sector in the UAE came under spotlight.

We do not have much information about how to deal with similar cases, but we can recommend you to read an article published yesterday (12 January 2009) in the "The National" (see below), which gives you an insight about the intensity of the problem.

You can also find some expert advice in the same article. 

Read the article: Financial storm engulfs property in the UAE

Hrach Kalsahakian, Sharjah

13 January 2009




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