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:. Greek dental surgeons in Dubai

Sent by: Spyridonas


I wish you happy new year. I am a dental surgeon and would like you to help me come into contact with a Greek colleague in the same profession in Dubai, who can give me information about work in Dubai. If you have the name or email of such a colleague, please inform me accordingly.



Happy New Year! 

I'm afraid we are not able to give you any such information and in fact are unaware of any Greek dental surgeons in Dubai.

On the subject of working in Dubai, your best source of information would be the Ministry of Health website, as all Dental surgeons need to be registered with them and in fact need to obtain a permit to work in Dubai.  It would be advisable to first ensure that you are eligible to obtain a permit and can pass the necessary examinations.  Then, you can get in touch with the major Dental Clinics in the country who usually take on medical staff directly and not through agencies or other services.  To find information on such clinics, please contact the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry (their website has a complete database of companies in Dubai).

Thank you and best regards,

Eugenia Papadopoulos

15 January 2009



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