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:. Cost of education in UAE

Sent by: Åle Pagiati


I would be grateful if you could provide my with some information about schools in Dubai, particularly for a child in year 1 and a child in year 11. Is there any Greek or English speaking school operating? How much does it cost to enroll the kids and how much do the fees cost?
We are Greeks moving from Australia to Dubai due to a job offer.
Thank you in advance.
Ele Pagiati



You can contact Natassa Kanellou at Ellinomatheia for information about Greek lessons in UAE.

As far as general education in UAE is concerned, the fees vary from AED 15.000 yearly per student to AED 90.000 or even more, depending on the pricing policy and the marketing positioning of the school. Each school decides its own fees and the Ministry of Education usually approves the fees based on a broad spectrum of school categories.

Most of the companies cover part of the education.

Most of school have extra-curricular activities that can cost several thousand dirhams more per year per student. Most of these activities are not mandatory.

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