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:. Working in Abu dabhi or Dubai

Sent by: Harry


Hi.. A few days ago I had a job offer to work in a Bank in Dubai / Abu Dhabi.. I am trying to find out if the job offer is real or fake.they told me that they will give me a company car, cellphone and a house to live.i have been doing a research and what I have seen is that even if I sign a contract like this they will not give what the contract is telling. Do you have any idea from such situations in the past? What is the condition working in a bank there?



Recently we have seen several fake job offers sent from UAE to some of our readers in Greece. It was not difficult to find out that they were the work of some crooks who were misusing the name of reputable institutions.

If the offer is genuine and the result of normal process of hiring, then whatever you agree in the contract is applicable. In UAE employees are given housing, educational, transportation allowances according to the company, position, nationality, marital status, degree, etc. Some companies do not offer such allowances but this is made clear from the beginning. Usually the contracts are honored. HK/-




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