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:. Engineer in a multinational company

Sent by: Theodora


My husband, an engineer and a manager in a multinational company got an offer to become a Department Manager in the company's Dubai operations.

Please advise of the cost of living for 2 adult persons in Dubai (only for food and entertainment), as accommodation, car, health insurance, visa fees and airline tickets will be provided by the company in an extra package.

Is a net salary of - let's say - 75,000 - 80,000 euros per year + the above described package considered a good deal, in Dubai, for a professional engineer and manager with 20 years tenure?

Also, from your experience and discussions with other Greeks, how easy will be for a western educated, outgoing and well travelled couple to meet and socialize with Greeks and foreigners in Dubai? 

Is the UAE Greek community really functioning or is just on paper, as is in some other countries?

Thanks very much for all your great help




The package you have been offered is actually quite good and should be taken up if you wish to move to Dubai. 

As for opportunities to socialise, there are many as long as you are willing to do some research and try a few things until you find a group of people whom you get along with.

We will add you to the Emirates Greeks mailing list for regular updates, including information on the monthly get-togethers.

I do hope everything goes well for you.

Best regards,

Eugenia Papadopoulos

24 March 2009



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