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:. Greek Orthodox Churches in the United Arab Emirates

Sent by: Laura


Dear Eugenia,
I have found your email address through the Emirates Greek website. I have been looking for Greek Orthodox Church in Dubai or Abu Dhabi unfortunately without any success.
I am aware that there is an Orthodox Church being built in Jebel Ali but I am not sure when this will be completed.
Would you happen to know if there is an Orthodox Church or an Orthodox priest who can officiate weddings?
I would appreciate any information you can share.
Thank you for your help,



Dear Laura,
There is a 'Greek Orthodox' Church in Abu Dhabi, but this is officiated by Father Noueimeh who has been assigned from the Antioch Church (Syrian Orthodox Church), and services are held only in Arabic
Father Barnabas performs Mass on special occasions in the Holy Trinity Church in Dubai.  He may officiate at weddings - I do not really have further details - but he does not speak Greek and cannot perform services in Greek.
There is a Greek Orthodox Church being built in Jebel Ali, but completion very much depends on collection of funds from the community, which has been good but not sufficient to meet the needs.  No priest has been arranged yet for this church.
Please let me know if I could be of further assistance.
Best regards,
Eugenia Papadopoulos



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