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:. Greeks in Abu Dhabi

Sent by: George Fourfis


Hello, I moved to Abu Dhabi a few months ago but i wasn't able to find any Greeks here.
I am a pilot in Abu Dhabi.
If you have any contacts I would appreciate.



The "Emirates Greeks" gatherings take place in Dubai since 2004.


In Abu Dhabi there was in the past (2001-2005) an unofficial gathering (every Tuesday afternoon) in one of the outlets in Khalidiya (Cafe Firenze), but recently the meetings were discontinued.


Every Easter the Parents' Committee of the Greek School used to organize the Easter Party in one of the hotels in Abu Dhabi (usually in "Gulf" Hotel, which was recently renovated). We have not heard about this event in the last two years.


Fortunately the Embassy is located in Abu Dhabi and there are some activities related to the Embassy, such as the National Day Reception, usually organized in Millennium Hotel, Abu Dhabi.


It is a fact that the number of Greeks is increasing in the UAE in recent times. This applies to Abu Dhabi too. We have new arrivals every week. It will be therefore possible to start a gathering of Greeks in Abu Dhabi, at least on monthly basis.


The challenges are big, the biggest being the uncertainty of the future, in the sense that all job contracts in UAE are on annual or biannual basis, subject to revision. The employee also needs to revise the situation after one or two years because life is getting expensive. Rent in Abu Dhabi has increased 100% in the last two years.


We are planning to do one of our gatherings in Abu Dhabi (maybe an outdoor meeting in one of the hotels), so that we bring Greeks of the UAE in one place. We may need a sponsor for that and someone who can do the bookings and other arrangements. 




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