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October 2006 meeting in Crepe a Croissant Restaurant

This meeting (on 2 October 2006) had a record participants: 32 members, all full with energy and readiness to share their experience with the other members and to exchange few thoughts in Greek language. Even those who had insufficient command of the language felt engaged and had their own share of contribution.

The October 2006 meeting therefore was an ideal one and we hope that it will be repeated on the same scale. We need to emphasize that the measure of success is the social atmosphere and the feeling of togetherness and not the number of participants.

We were honored also with the presence of HE Ambassador Theodoracopoulos, who expressed his satisfaction on arranging such events and wished the best for future gatherings.

Antigone Petrides posted the following comment on the meeting:

After 30, I stopped counting (no, not my age but the number of friendly Greeks who turned up at the last monthly meeting!). Crepe a Croissant had prepared a medium sized table for us which could accommodate around 15 people. Then, as more and more people came in, they kept adding more and more space till finally we almost had the whole ground floor.

From the Newsletter of Emirates Greeks (Issue Number 7)






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