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Bending services, steel poles & metal constructions


Dear Sir/Maddam,

We are a metalworking company based in Greece since 1971.

Texnometaliki Ltd is activating intensively in metal road constructions, specifically in metal tunnel's panel, bending, steel poles & roadside guardrails.

The company's future plans are relative with metal constructions in export.

Our knowledge is straightly connected with bending.

In Greece, Texnometaliki Ltd is the only one, which can bend all types of spindles and beams.
We have reached the level to bend even HEB 1000 beams and 100mm diameter spindles by 90ο angle.
Looking forward to cooperation with you

Best regards
George Vamvakas

Τηλ.: +30 22610 89090
Φαξ: +30 22610 89091
Κιν.: +30 6972251441

04 August 2010



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