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To all job seekers from Greece, you might want to use the jobsite:

and follow up with recruiters.  There are good jobs and salaries in UAE and in the area for high skilled professionals but keep in mind that if you are looking for semi-skilled or low skilled job you will have hard time competing in this market due to low cost resources from South Asia (Philippines, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, etc).  You might have a competitive advantage wen it comes to Greek companies hiring but at the end of the day the gap can be huge and might not be feasible to hire you as a plumber just because you speak Greek. Don't forget the high cost of living expenses when it comes to housing and schooling in Dubai and Abu Dhabi unless you are willing to live in the cheap areas of Dubai where there is a good chance that you will be the only non South Asian person in the neighborhood and you will probably find the living conditions of lower standard than what you are used to in Greece.

Please do not reply to me regarding this posting or website since I have nothing to do with recruitment, just wanted to help.

18 February 2011

From Emirates Greeks website: Thank you for the input and we appreciate any good advice for our compatriots.



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