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Attainment of the Greek Language in Dubai (Ellinomatheia 2012-2013)


Since 2008, the Hellenic Council in Dubai has been appointed by the "Center for the Greek Language" (CGL) as an examination center for the "Certificate of Attainment in Greek" (Πιστοποίηση Επάρκειας της Ελληνομάθειας).

The students sat for exams for the first time in May 2008 (Examination Centre number 97002).

For information on ongoing programs and examination dates, you can contact: Daphne Saccopoulos (050 4560934), E-mail:

For the Greek lessons based on Dubai contact Natassa Kanellou (056 6988937), E-mail:

For 2012-2013



Center for the Greek Language (CGL)

The "Center for the Greek Language", established in 1994 in Thessaloniki as a non-profit organization supervised by the Greek Ministry of Education, has the overall responsibility for the operation of all examination centres worldwide for the "Certificate of Attainment in Greek". 

See the detailed guide here (includes knowledge and skills required for each of the 4 levels and samples of test items).

Up to 1998 the only certificates of attainment in Greek which were recognised by the Greek state were those issued by the School of Modern Greek of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and by its counterpart in the School of Arts at the University of Athens. These certificates have been necessary for the registration of foreigners to Greek institutions of higher education. Any learners of Greek who happen to be in Greece may participate in the examinations held at the two universities. No provision had been made for anyone living abroad before May 1999. The Certificate of Attainment in Greek which was established in November 1998 (Presidential Decree 363/98) by the Ministry of Education responds to a persisting request of all learners of Greek in Greece and abroad for a state certificate of attainment available at various levels. The CGL, specifically the Division for the Support and Promotion of the Greek Language, has been assigned the exclusive and overall responsibility for the examination procedure through which the certificate of attainment in Greek may be awarded and has been conducting the examinations since 1999.

The Certificate of Attainment in Greek:
- provides any user of Greek with an expert and objective opinion of the level of their knowledge and language skills
- serves as proof of the successful candidate's level of attainment in Greek in the work market
- is a requirement for the practice of various professions in Greece
- allows citizens of European Union member states to participate in the examination of the Supreme Council of Personnel Selection (ΑΣΕΠ)
for civil service positions (The Supreme Council specifies the required level of certificate in every announcement)
- at Level C allows foreigners to register at a Greek institution of higher education, in case they do not have a Greek secondary education
certificate (M.R. 152/Β6/1504/30-5-2001 – Official Government Gazette 659 vol.Β΄)
- at Level D allows citizens of European Union member states to prove complete knowledge and fluent use of the Greek language and thus be
employed in a Greek institution of higher education.

Examination Dates
Examinations at all levels are held, for the time being, once annually, in mid-May.

Mailing Address: Centre for the Greek Language
1, Karamaouna str. –Skra Square, Kalamaria,
GR-551 32 Thessaloniki, GREECE
Tel.: +30 2310 459101, +30 2310 459574
Fax: +30 2310 459107

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