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Rebetiko Music Summer School in Skyros, Greece


Rebetiko group TetrasThe Tourism Department of the Technological Education Institute of Piraeus is organising a summer seminar entitled "Urban popular music culture: the contribution of bouzouki and guitar".

The seminar will take place at the Folk Museum of Manos and Anastasia of Faltaits on the island of Skyros from the 19 - 26 July 2009.
For further information and application forms, please visit our website on and click on the link 'Seminars-Conferences' (Hmerides-Synedria).
We would be grateful if you further publicised this announcement.
Thanking you in advance for your time and effort,
Michael Koniordos
Professor of Economics, Technological Educational Institute of Piraeus, Greece

Click here for the Information kit (PDF format), includes details about the course, registration form, accommodation suggestions, etc. 


Rebetiko Music Summer School in Skyros
19 - 26 July 2009
Museum Faltaits, Skyros Island, Greece

"The urban music folklore culture and the contribution of bouzouki"

The seminar includes the creation and realization of a summer school seminar which will take place on the area Hora (capital) of Skyros Island.

Ultimate goal of our effort is the creation of an Institution that will contribute in the prospective of a global collaboration exploiting the multicultural communication between the European, the Mediterranean basin countries and other countries all over the world.

Essential receiver and helper for this effort will be the everywhere Hellenism that creates “values” and culture and friends who have a permanent interest and want to extend their knowledge for the Greek culture.

The valuable vehicle for this effort will be the common language of the folk music. 

The lessons will be given in the form of seminars for a period of one week including the basic thematic “The urban musical folklore culture and the contribution of some musical instruments – such as bouzouki, guitar, baglama” for the formation of the “style” and “moral” of rebetiki’s orchestra parallel with the live performance, by experienced musicians a series of representative songs and melodies from selected chronological periods.

Furthermore the 6 days seminar gives the opportunity for collective work and music practice during the student’s free time in the museum’s magnificent area under the magic Aegean moon light. 



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