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Dear Greeks in Emirates,

I am sending you on behalf of my company, Biorecycling Ltd ( which is a Greek company full licensed for transboundary transports of waste and by products.

We have a current project dealing with iron and copper metallurgy slag. Our customers have stocked a very large quantity of EAF slag, approximately 50.000tonnes. The material contains mainly iron oxide (above 45%), manganese oxide, silicon oxide, aluminium trioxide, carbon dioxide, no chlorine, no humidity.

The product is considered as no hazardous/no reactive and it can be under CE product trademark. 

The specific material can be used as sandblasting material (60% +0.5 -1.5) and also as an additive in cement and construction industry. It is also applied in road construction in many European countries and Greece as well.

This letters is scoping any intention for collaboration and evaluation of the material.

For any further information in physicochemical properties, quantity and pricing, you can directly contact with us.

Kind Regards,

Dimitra Papoutsoglou
ADR Consultant
MEng. Environmental Physics Engineer NTUA
Hazardous Waste Department
Biorecycling Ltd.





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