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Interview with Dr. Eleni Tzomaa of the Hellenic Dental Clinic in Dubai


Interviewed by Hrach Kalsahakian

When did you start your dental career and what were the stages of your professional work?

I graduated in 1990 from Syria and was one of the leading graduates in my class. Soon afterwards I went to Greece where I equalized my degree and followed special preventive dental medicine course for two years in Thessaloniki. I came to the United Arab Emirates in 1999 and worked for about 14 years in several clinics in Sheikh Zayed Road and in Jumeirah area, Dubai. This year (2013) I decided to open my own clinic. Already I had a considerable number of clients, something that encouraged me to take this step.

How did you choose the name Hellenic Dental Clinic? What was the idea behind it?

The name was always in my mind, because Greece is part of my identity, my heart and spirit. I felt necessary to reflect this in the name. Therefore I called the clinic “Hellenic” in memory of my mother who passed away five years ago. Her love towards Greece has inspired me. I wanted to do something in memory of what she believed in.

We would like to know more about your life and interests?

Throughout my life I was dedicated to educational and scientific life. I got married at the age 26 and have two children: Michail (currently studying Architecture) and Johnny (9th grade). My husband is engineer by profession. I like sports. At a younger age I used to be an excellent table tennis player, but now I practice sports in the gym only.

How do you assess the level of dental medical services and awareness in the UAE?

Regarding UAE, we can say that dental services are between moderate and good. Young mothers are more aware about the dental care and ask questions that show their direct interest. There is however considerable margin for further improvement. This can happen through physician – patient collaboration. The UAE is striving to raise the level of public medical awareness. From my side I try to contribute to this drive by visiting schools and volunteering in educational sessions, in collaboration with the Department of Health in Dubai. I explain the best practices in dental care and nutrition. The kind of food that a child consumes plays a great role in shaping the tooth health. 

What can you tell us more about the Hellenic Dental Clinic?

We provide all services in our clinic such as general and pediatric dentistry, orthodontics (braces), endodontics (root canal), implants, minor oral surgery, dental hygiene, whitening, etc.  In the future we will also provide maxillofacial treatment for those who have problems in the jaw growth. This requires surgical intervention that would be carried on in collaboration with the hospital. We are focusing on preventive medicine especially with children, through the application of fluoride and the use of pit and fissure sealants, thus preventing the development of dental caries. This could even be applied on the first teeth (milk teeth) to prevent decay at early age.


Address: Hellenic Dental Clinic
Jumeirah 1, Al Wasl Rd. 
Villa no. G4U1, Dubai
Tel: 04 3490422





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