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British RAF jets in Cyprus for Iraq humanitarian mission


BRITISH Tornado jets from RAF Marham in Norfolk are currently based at RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus.

The jets are playing a part in the humanitarian aid missions currently taking place in Iraq.

The Tornado GR4 is known for its flexibility, speed and capability and will be used in a purely “surveillance role” over Iraq an MOD spokesman told the FG.

The jets are capable of taking detailed aerial images and are equipped with Raptor – special reconnaissance equipment that gathers sophisticated, high-resolution imagery.

Tornado GR4′s were used in February to map floods in the UK.

RAF transport planes are currently based at Akrotiri and are flying relief flights to Iraq.

RAF Akrotiri is used by the RAF as a base for overseas operations in the Middle East and also for training. It is one of the few full-scale RAF stations left outside the UK.

Akrotiri has played a crucial role during Britain’s recent operations in the Middle East. During both major campaigns against Iraq in 1991 and 2003, and also during the no-fly zone operations between, it operated as a staging post for British forces en route to the region.

Britain retained two military bases in Cyprus after the country gained its independence in 1960 from British colonial rule. Dhekelia, on the east coast, is occupied by army personnel.




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