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Eat Greek: One of Dubai’s 10 most beautiful restaurants


It’s not by mere accident that some restaurants and bars do better than others — they are designed to do so. How a place makes us feel — through effective design intent — subconsciously informs our overall review of the venue. This is Gulf News reporter Pratyush Sarup's edit of the hottest design-led restaurants in Dubai right now.

Eat Greek in Dubai

The trouble with regional cuisine led restaurants is their interiors often fall victim to the stereotypical images of the country. Luckily for Eat Greek, designers, Harrisons of London sidestep the pitfall with not one blue door in sight. They’ve explored the taverna decor of the region, bringing a contemporary view of Greece to The Beach on JBR.

Anchoring the design scheme on a rich, earthy palette of browns and beige and taking an industrial route to rustic chic, the birdcage chandeliers are stunning, and the olive trees are still very much Greek, but used intelligently, are elevated from being mere stereotypical references to key design elements. The result is a warm, friendly place that is of the times and still speaks of its region.

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Source: Gulf News, 14 December 2014



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