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Hellenic Business Council is back in action


Hellenic Business Council Inaugural Business Networking Event (16 November 2014)

H.E. Ambassador of Greece Dionissios Zois gave the welcome speech. He referred to the history and importance of the Hellenic Business Council and congratulated the Council for the new beginning, encouraging it to become more active and visible. "It is important to increase the number of the members of the Council", he mentioned.

Chairman Petros Kallidis announced that the Council is back in action with strong commitment to promote and support the Greek Business Community in the UAE. He presented the objectives of the council for the upcoming period.

Kallidis ensured that the Council will provide guidance and support to newcomers and members in business related activities such as shipping, hospitality, investment, legal, insurance, real estate, trading, schooling, manufacturing, tourism and services. He mentioned that the number of Greeks in the UAE is constantly increasing. "We need to identify what members want, so that we create focus groups in the coming phase", he underlined. 

Markos Delasoudas, treasurer of the Council, undertook the presentation of the new website. He explained the procedure of the website project and went through all its pages, underlining that it will be under constant progress and optimization. New features will be added in the coming phase.

Mahdi Al Mazim, the Director of the Member Relations of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, described the tasks and objectives of the Chamber and stressed the importance of the existence of national business councils to safeguard the interests of business communities and streamline the challenges they face. "We want to create awareness about business investment opportunities in the UAE. We expect the HBC to come forward to us about anything affecting their business. It is always better to come under a group umbrella", he stressed. 

The meeting was honored by the presence of Pavlos Kyriazis, head of the Greek delegation at the Big 5 Exhibition in Dubai and by the Editor-in-Chief of Dubai daily newspaper “Gulf News” Mr. Abdul Hamid Zarouni.  

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